Could you benefit from my 22+ years of experience in solving complex and chronic health problems?

My focus is on empowering my clients to take control of their own health... not making them dependent on expensive supplements or 'exclusive' meal plans. I don't offer 'cures' or 'remedies' for any health condition. Instead, my aims are:

  1. To help you understand why you're experiencing the symptoms that bother you;
  2. To teach you what you need to do to get well again; and
  3. To show you how to make lifestyle changes so that they stick.

This process takes time and requires commitment, particularly if your health issue/s are severe and/or complex. Consequently, after your initial consultation, I may suggest a block of either 3 or 5 sessions to allow us to co-create and work through a comprehensive program to address your current health concerns and prevent future problems from developing.

Information for new clients:

  • I offer both in-person and telephone/Zoom (online video call) consultations.
  • Telephone/Zoom consultations are the ideal solution if you live far away from me, as many of my clients do.
  • Evening and Saturday appointments are available if you are unable to attend during normal business hours.
  • I am recognised as a provider by all private health funds that offer rebates for naturopathic consultations and counselling appointments.

To schedule an initial telephone consultation to discuss your needs and how I can help you, apply here.

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What you don't know CAN hurt you!

Believing in any of the 5 Myths reduces her health potential. Which ones are holding you back?

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