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Intermittent fasting

A form of intermittent fasting known as 'time-restricted eating' or the 'restricted feeding window plan' is a powerful tool for reshaping your relationship with food.

When 'routine blood tests' do more harm than good

Having more information about your health isn't always necessarily a good thing.

5 cholesterol myths - busted

Myths and misunderstandings about cholesterol are rampant. Here are the 5 cholesterol myths that I encounter most often when speaking to clients and people who attend my seminars.

Meatonomics - Australian style

Why can't you trust the government, schools or doctors to tell the truth about the harms inflicted by animal products? David Simon's Meatonomics lecture explained all.

What’s wrong with dairy – beyond the health issues

There are so many reasons to cut dairy products out of your diet, and the health benefits to you are just one part of the picture.

Lessons from Climbing a Wall

What does indoor rock climbing have to do with making health-promoting lifestyle changes? It's all about being willing to embrace discomfort.

Exercise is useless for weight loss... but you should do it anyway

Both halves of the standard weight loss trope - 'eat less and move more' are wrong. A fascinating article published in Scientific American explains why increasing physical activity will not solve the obesity crisis.

Are you majoring in minor things?

Majoring in minors means putting undue attention on small things that don't make a real difference, while neglecting to pay attention to the larger actions that make a huge difference. It's a problem for many of the people who seek my help.

Food cravings and your gut microbiome - the surprising connection

The emerging field of microbiome research offers fascinating, at times disturbing, but ultimately empowering insights into the connection between our gut microbiome, our food choices (which may not be ‘our’ choices, after all) and our moods.

Insights from doctors into medicine in Australia

Dr Malcolm Mackay and Dr Renae Thomas are committed advocates of wholefood, plant-based eating - and they practise what they preach! Their insights into how medicine is taught and practised in Australia, and why most doctors are so poorly-informed about nutrition, are very thought-provoking.

When to say ‘sometimes’ and when to say ‘never’ to a food

How can you tell when a food needs to go on your 'never' list, and how do you make that work?

A Matter of Trust

Startling new research shows that doctors make accurate estimates of the risks and benefits of treatments, imaging technology and screening programs only about one third of the time.

Vaccines: Science, Undone Science and Anti-Science

In Australia, public health authorities, doctors' organisations and the media promote the view that vaccines have been incontrovertibly proven to be safe, and that anyone who has any questions or concerns whatsoever about vaccination is an 'antivaxxer'. Not all medical insiders agree with this position.

The final nail in dairy's coffin? Drinking milk makes you die sooner

Add this to the long list of reasons to avoid dairy products: the more milk you drink, the sooner you'll be dead.

Making Stuff Up: Popular Internet 'wisdom' about healing leaky gut

A frighteningly high percentage of what masquerades as health 'information' in popular books, articles and blogs is just people Making Stuff Up. Approaches to healing leaky gut are a prime example.

Why do we do things we know are bad for us?

We will keep on doing things that we know are bad for us, no matter how much they hurt us and no matter how aware we are that they’re hurting us, until we relieve the pain that drove us to do those self-destructive things in the first place.

Drugs vs food

Hippocrates advised, "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". Considering the oversold benefits and underplayed risks of pharmaceuticals, this ancient wisdom is still highly relevant to us today.

Which 'you' are you changing for?

You've probably heard that you should only change for yourself, not to please someone else. But which 'you' you change for turns out to be hugely important.
The gap between your 'current self' and your 'future self' can sabotage your efforts to break unhealthy habits and establish healthy ones. Fortunately, there are effective ways to bridge that gap.

Are you health-minded or orthorexic?

What is orthorexia, and how would you know if you've crossed the line from a healthy, rational concern with wholesome eating and self-care, into an unhealthy, anxious obsession with getting it 'perfect'?

Interviews and Media Appearances

Part 1 of the Supreme Master TV 'Healthy Living Show' interview - Why Unrefined Plant Foods are Best.

How to beat chronic illnesses including high blood pressure, autoimmune disease and type 2 diabetes with a wholefood, plant-based diet.

Part 2 of the Supreme Master TV 'Healthy Living Show' interview - Why Unrefined Plant Foods are Best.

Debate with Catherine Saxelby on Channel 10 Breakfast, on plant-based diets for children.

Are Ethics Incompatible with Health?

Introductory presentation at the Sydney premiere of 'The Ghosts In Our Machine'.

Educational Presentations

2nd International Plant-Based Nutrition Healthcare Conference Round-up Webinar

Cooking Videos

Get the recipes from my Recipe Directory.

Delicious, dairy-free cucumber raita - the perfect accompaniment to a curry.

A delicious, nutrient-rich salad featuring pomegranate seeds. The perfect winter salad!

Tasty and filling vegan burritos - with the added goodness of (cleverly hidden) kale!

Marvellous mushrooms and great greens combine in a satisfying main course.

 Tasty burger patties with added superpowers from lentils and seeds.

Delicious, filling main course that tastes even better the next day.

How to make a green smoothie with anti-cancer punch!

Delicious sugar-free, dairy-free sorbet that's actually good for you.

Creamy non-dairy yoghurt with absolutely no nasties!

Chewy, healthy treats with the sweet-and-sour goodness of Incan berries.

This delicious sugar-free treat never fails to get a 'Wow'... even from people who don't like 'health food'.


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