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Start your journey by learning the 5 Steps to Breaking Bad Habits

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Success Stories

  • Kathy Kathy Recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia
    I was suffering from about twenty symptoms related to chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia. I had been to many doctors and specialists and none were able to accurately diagnose and/or treat the problem. I was mostly told it must be a psychological problem. I lost most of my friends and was misunderstood by almost everyone I knew. Luckily, someone suggested I have an appointment with Robyn Chuter. Thanks to the whole food plan and supplements she prescribed, I was also able to overcome the severe disability known as fibromyalgia. I have now been pain-free for four years. I credit Robyn for getting me out of my bed-bound state and helping me regain my life again.
    Read Kathy's full story
  • Luke Luke Recovered from fatigue, anxiety and depression, and discovered vitality he'd never experienced before in his life!
    Before I came to see Robyn, I couldn’t even get through a whole day of work without having a massive crash of energy. I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted because I literally did not have enough energy. I remember feeling so tired that I had to leave work because I couldn’t keep awake. Words cannot describe the results I have achieved working with Robyn. To say “results” would be to underplay it. I feel like I have my life back again. I have never, and I literally mean never in every aspect of the word, felt so much vitality in my life. I can now wake up in the morning ready to conquer every part of my life, knowing that my body is aligned and filled with vitality to work with me.
    Read Luke's full story
  • Monique Monique Overcame severe anxiety and panic attacks
    Read Monique's full story
  • Tamar Tamar Helped her daughter with toilet training challenges
    I wanted to let you know how Yudis and I have been going with potty training. I have been letting her change her undies each time she pees in the toilet. She has not made a pee accident but she did make a poo accident this evening, so I made a “Tappy Dolly” (drew some black circles on the tapping spots). She loves it. We both did some tapping on it and on each other, she really enjoyed it, and it was a great bonding moment with her also. I also did some surrogate tapping on me last night like you suggested.
    Read Tamar's full story
  • Pauline Pauline Beat compulsive overeating
    From my very basic understanding of EFT I am already convinced that it is a very powerful tool for change and healing in my life. After just one session with you I have noticed a definite improvement in my relationship with food. The truth is, I have been so preoccupied with some very challenging things this week, that I have not done my tapping until today. So, I have been relying on the one session with you and so far it has been amazing! I'll give you a practical example, I drove past a restaurant the other day where I've had many happy meals and family celebrations over many, many years. As I drove past I thought 'they have gorgeous cheesecake'. I then stopped at my local shops on the way home for milk & found myself at the freezer section looking at cheesecakes, I stood there for 3-4 minutes thinking 'I don't want anything in this freezer.' I've always known food is my 'drug' and I understand the reasons I overeat, so intellectually I get it, but emotionally it's clearly been too much for me. It was a nice feeling to walk away from the freezer. This situation has repeated itself over the last week several times at the supermarket, in front of the chip section, even thinking I don't have any need to buy fish and chips because it is freezing outside - I can go home and make a healthy dinner.
    Read Pauline's full story
  • Renee Renee Common cold symptoms resolved in minutes with EFT treatment
    I kept tapping as you suggested, every time I felt crook. By the end of that day my cold was completely over! Usually my colds last over a week, so this really knocked my socks off!
    Read Renee's full story
  • Madeleine Madeleine Overcame breastfeeding difficulties linked to trauma
    I haven't had to give him a top-up bottle of formula for the past couple of days! My milk supply has really kicked in and I'm letting down quickly and easily - I'm like a waterfall, just like you said!
    Read Madeleine's full story
  • Caroline Caroline Healed her broken heart after a relationship break-up
    Before I came to see you I was afraid I’d never feel loved again. I've never felt attractive or worthwhile ever since I was a child. I've had every kind of therapy you can think of for years, but none of them ever helped me the way EFT has. I fully expected to be in the depths of despair for months, like I've been after all my other relationship break-ups. I'm amazed at how fast I managed to work through all my feelings. I'm feeling quite calm now, and I feel positive about myself and my future.
    Read Caroline's full story
  • Melissa and Peter Melissa and Peter Improved athletic performance
    I did a training run after our EFT session and felt much more comfortable pushing through the tough stages. I also beat my previous times.
    Read Melissa and Peter's full story
  • Dianne Dianne Released major childhood trauma in just one session
    I just wanted to say thank you for your help on Saturday. I can now say that the trauma from my childhood is like a weight that's finally being lifted from my shoulders. I have been carrying around the guilt since I was 5 years old blaming myself for what happened when in fact it was my father's friend who was calculating and manipulating and at fault. I thank you for bringing that to my attention and helping me to really 'get' that I did nothing wrong.
    Read Dianne's full story

You're Only 5 Steps Away From Breaking Your Bad Habits!


What's standing between you and the health, happiness and success you desire is almost never your genes, talent or luck - it's your habits!

You CAN break those bad habits and create the 'you' you want to be.

Start your journey by learning the 5 Steps to Breaking Bad Habits

5Steps_bookcoverOut with the old, in with the new. Download your action guide below to get started.

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