Success Stories

Looking for inspiration? Wondering if I can help you with the particular issue you're struggling with? Read and listen to the inspiring success stories of people who have reclaimed their physical and emotional health by working with me. These stories cover the full gamut:

  • Reversing serious illnesses;
  • Getting off prescribed medications which are no longer necessary due to reversal of the condition for which they were prescribed;
  • Achieving - and maintaining - dramatic weight loss, sometimes after a lifetime of obesity;
  • Releasing old patterns which were causing emotional suffering and relationship difficulties;
  • And many, many more physical and mental health issues!

Written Stories

Read case studies and testimonials from my clients.

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Health challenges

Amber: Gained the confidence she needed to eat plant-based through her pregnancy

Anne:  Overcame migraines and tamed the 'Cookie Monster'

Bianca: Finally cracked the code to making healthy living sustainable

Connie: Alleviated Sjögren's syndrome and menopause symptoms, and ended dependency on antidepressants

Joshua: Born with a rare birth defect, doctors are amazed that he needs no medication and has no signs of reflux

Kathy: Recovered from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and fibromyalgia

Leanne: Lost stubborn weight, overcame poor body image

Luke: Recovered from fatigue, anxiety and depression, and discovered vitality he'd never experienced before in his life!

Nina: Cleared up confusion and gained confidence in following a plant-based diet

Pamela:  Completely healed ulcerative colitis after being told she would have to have her bowel removed

Pauline: Beat compulsive overeating

Renee: Common cold symptoms resolved in minutes with EFT treatment

Vivien: Lowered her cholesterol and lost weight... by quitting dieting

Emotional challenges

Bonni: Solved her daughter's separation anxiety

Carla: Overcame fear of dentist and eliminated dental pain

Caroline: Healed her broken heart after a relationship break-up

David: Resolved traumatic memory

Dianne: Released major childhood trauma in just one session

Linda: Got 'unstuck' and found the courage to pursue her dreams

Madeleine: Overcame breastfeeding difficulties linked to trauma

Melissa and Peter: Improved athletic performance

Monique: Overcame severe anxiety and panic attacks

Ruth: Overcame depression and relationship difficulties

Sandra: Broke through overwhelm, guilt and anxiety

Tamar: Helped her daughter with toilet training challenges

Vanessa: Resolved disordered and compulsive eating... and lost weight!


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