Monique: Overcame severe anxiety and panic attacks

Monique Hendy

When I first came to see Robyn, I felt like I was in a really dark hole that just kept getting bigger. I had no control over my life and suffered severe anxiety attacks nearly every night. I phased out of all my relationships and struggled to enjoy life. I could barely sleep or eat and I couldn’t bring a positive attitude to my work. I struggled with simple things as going to the shops due to my anxiety towards being in crowds.

Before coming to see Robyn, I had seen 3 other counsellors before who focused on trying to rebuild the problem relationships in my life. I found that I relapsed quickly because I did not want to fix those problem relationships but instead focus on how to come to terms with what happened in my past and move away from it rather then make it something better which just wasn’t possible in my circumstances.

Robyn didn’t approach our appointments like other counsellors have. She didn’t dwell on the negatives or make me face things that just wouldn’t fix situations but rather helped me overcome them in the way I wanted to.

She focused on digging up the deep underlying issues below my anxiety and bringing them to the surface for me to face and overcome. Her warm and inviting manner helped me feel comfortable with talking about traumatic incidents from my past. She gave me time to speak. The way in which she related to me made me feel at ease and she knew exactly what I was feeling or thinking without needing to press any further if the situation was hard to deal with.

She also taught me how to do EFT (‘tapping’) which allowed me to calm down the intense anxiety I felt when I even thought about those issues so I could deal with them. Now when I face hard times or feel myself slipping I am able to focus on my tapping to help me.

Robyn respected my choices – including my choice to be vegan – and was supportive of the career change I was looking at. She encouraged me to be confident and proud of myself and the achievements I made and genuinely cared about my problems and desires.

I have had anxiety attacks and insomnia for as long as I can remember; now I find myself having less then 1 attack every few weeks, as compared to days, and I can tap my way out of them. I also sleep a lot easier most nights.

Monique_runJust recently I participated in the City 2 Surf and was able to compose myself to overcome standing in and weaving between big crowds – a situation which always used to trigger severe anxiety, even panic – to complete the course without stopping once.

Robyn is by far the best person I have met in this field and I could not recommend her more highly. She has a strong desire to see you become your best. Robyn to me has become a great friend that I will always cherish!

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