Luke: Recovered from fatigue, anxiety and depression, and discovered vitality he'd never experienced before in his life!

Luke Raynham

Before I came to see Robyn, I couldn’t even get through a whole day of work without having a massive crash of energy. I wasn’t able to do the things I wanted because I literally did not have enough energy. I remember feeling so tired that I had to leave work because I couldn’t keep awake.

I would regularly suffer from surges of anxiety and depression. And this was on a good week!

I got to a point were I would do anything to feel better. I looked for help in a whole variety of books, and in the end I had tried almost everything (Paleo Diet, Ultramind Solution Diet, no dairy, no gluten… just to mention a few).

A few things helped, but there was no overall improvement. More often than not, the results of my experimentation were that I just felt more confused and more drained of vitality.

A few of my family members had seen Robyn, and I decided that I would give this a proper whirl.

Words cannot describe the results I have achieved working with Robyn. To say “results” would be to underplay it. I feel like I have my life back again. I have never, and I literally mean never in every aspect of the word, felt so much vitality in my life. I can now wake up in the morning ready to conquer every part of my life, knowing that my body is aligned and filled with vitality to work with me. And this is just the physical aspect!

Also, I lost 7.10 kg in under 2 months!! Now I have the energy to go to the gym, and I’m loving the results I’m seeing from training.

Although there was tonnes of advises and resources I received from Robyn, I wouldn’t say this was the dominant factor that helped me transform my life. I would say it was her conviction and deep belief in what she taught, her certainty and open-mindedness. She made me feel as though I could create change in my life by simply following her advice. And she was right.

I would highly recommend that anyone who struggles with their energy level consult with Robyn. Everyone deserves to feel the vitality that I’m experiencing now, and to have the confidence that their bodies will be there when they need them, ready, willing and able!

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