Renee: Common cold symptoms resolved in minutes with EFT treatment

Renee, one of my naturopathic clients, had phoned me to arrange an appointment. Her nasally voice quickly revealed that she was suffering a heavy cold. She told me it had started to come on yesterday and was now in full swing.

I offered to teach her EFT there and then to see if we could get her some relief. We started by doing some tapping directed at her blocked nose. After one round it had begun to run, so we tapped on that instead.

After a few rounds her nose stopped running so, using an EFT technique called ‘Chasing the Pain’ we addressed her ‘exploding head’. We continued to tap on each symptom, one at a time, until it resolved. I advised Ramona to continue tapping throughout the day whenever she had the faintest hint of a cold symptom.

She emailed me the next day:

I kept tapping as you suggested, every time I felt crook. By the end of that day my cold was completely over! Usually my colds last over a week, so this really knocked my socks off!

Renee, Sydney


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