Melissa and Peter: Improved athletic performance

Melissa had recently taken up golf and wanted to improve her game. Our EFT session focused on her feelings of having always been the 'also-ran' in her family, while her older sister garnered all their parents' attention and praise for her achievements. It just so happens that Melissa's older sister is a talented golfer!

Melissa emailed me after our EFT session stating she'd had a significant improvement playing only nine holes but almost doubling her previous best 18 hole Stableford score.

After that game she tapped on the thought that

"That good score must have been a fluke - I got lucky - I'll never do that well again - who am I kidding"

She then played another round of nine holes the following day and did even better:

"It gives me an indication of what I can achieve,"

was her comment to me.

Melissa has since had several winning scores in club competition and dropped her handicap by more than 10.


Peter does triathlons. We used EFT on various aspects of his training regime that were presenting challenges to him, including swimming in water where he couldn't see the bottom, and breaking through 'the wall' that all endurance athletes encounter at a certain point, when they just want to stop but know that if they keep going they'll get their '2nd wind'.

He emailed me the next day:

I did a training run after our EFT session and felt much more comfortable pushing through the tough stages. I also beat my previous times.

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