Tamar: Helped her daughter with toilet training challenges

Tamar was feeling frustrated that her daughter Yudis didn't want to use the toilet but preferred to 'go' in her underwear. She loved getting a new pair of undies to wear, each time she wet her pants.

I suggested to Tamar that she keep a supply of undies in the bathroom and let Yudis choose a new pair each time she used the toilet. I also advised her to do some EFT on her own feelings about the toilet training struggle; and with Yudis on her feelings about using the toilet, and about having accidents in her undies.

Tamar emailed me the next day:


I wanted to let you know how Yudis and I have been going with potty training. I have been letting her change her undies each time she pees in the toilet.

She has not made a pee accident but she did make a poo accident this evening, so I made a “Tappy Dolly” (drew some black circles on the tapping spots). She loves it. We both did some tapping on it and on each other, she really enjoyed it, and it was a great bonding moment with her also.

I also did some surrogate tapping on me last night like you suggested.

Tamar Melbourne

This wasn't the end of Tamar's successes with using EFT for toilet training! A few weeks later, Tamar emailed me with a beautiful story:

I want to share with you another anecdote. When I had my friend’s kids staying with us overnight, I asked my daughter if she wanted to sleep with Tappy Dolly [her home-made ‘EFT buddy’].

My friend’s two daughters heard me and the older one who’s 6 asked,

“Who’s Tappy Dolly?”

So I explained about tapping and talked about when we do it. I asked her if there is anything that she feels embarrassed or bad about. She said that when she stopped wearing pull-ups at night she kept wetting her bed every night again and again and felt so bad about it. (She still has bed wetting problems.) So I showed her how we tap, and I did it on Tappy Dolly and she did it to herself.

The younger sister, who’s two and a half, was watching us, and then she started tapping on herself! She walked out of the room still tapping, and my husband later told me that he saw her tapping the whole way down the hallway into the other room. It was so cute!


TappyBear is a custom-made EFT 'tapping buddy' for children

TappyBear was designed by a 'tapping' family to help make doing EFT fun, easy and natural for kids.

My own two children LOVE Tappy (that's my daughter Imogen with her TappyBear, on the right).

I teach my child clients how to use TappyBear, and also show parents how to use Tappy with their own kids to help them handle their difficult feelings.

Get your very own TappyBear (you might even want to share it with your child )!


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