Madeleine: Overcame breastfeeding difficulties linked to trauma

Madeleine phoned me in a desperate state. Her 9-week-old son seemed to be constantly hungry, grizzly and sleeping poorly, and she was worried she was losing her milk. She had had to give her son a top-up bottle of formula on most days because of her low milk supply

Her son had been hospitalised for a mystery illness when he was just 2 weeks old and, although he had quickly and fully recovered, she was haunted by intrusive memories of the sight of his tiny body being pierced by an IV drip, his screams, and the look of fear in his eyes.

She felt intensely guilty that she had not been able to protect him from the trauma he’d experienced. Using EFT, we worked through each component of the traumatic memories until Madeleine felt completely at ease with them – in fact, it became difficult for her to call some of them to mind at all.

Then I got to work on the guilt, from several angles until Madeleine spontaneously commented, with conviction, that she had done the best for her son and everything had turned out alright in the end. I gave her a little reminder phrase to use with EFT while she was breastfeeding:

“I make rich, abundant milk and it flows like a waterfall!”

She phoned me a few days later to tell me:

I haven't had to give him a top-up bottle of formula for the past couple of days! My milk supply has really kicked in and I'm letting down quickly and easily - I'm like a waterfall, just like you said!

Madeleine, Sydney


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