Pauline: Beat compulsive overeating

Pauline has endured a protracted struggle with her weight. She has always known that her compulsive eating was linked to her emotional issues, but had not found any effective way to deal with those issues - until EFT! I received this email from her after our first session:

Hi Robyn,

I wanted to give you some feedback.

From my very basic understanding of EFT I am already convinced that it is a very powerful tool for change and healing in my life. After just one session with you I have noticed a definite improvement in my relationship with food.

The truth is, I have been so preoccupied with some very challenging things this week, that I have not done my tapping until today. So, I have been relying on the one session with you and so far it has been amazing!

I'll give you a practical example, I drove past a restaurant the other day where I've had many happy meals and family celebrations over many, many years. As I drove past I thought 'they have gorgeous cheesecake'.

I then stopped at my local shops on the way home for milk & found myself at the freezer section looking at cheesecakes, I stood there for 3-4 minutes thinking 'I don't want anything in this freezer.'

I've always known food is my 'drug' and I understand the reasons I overeat, so intellectually I get it, but emotionally it's clearly been too much for me. It was a nice feeling to walk away from the freezer.

This situation has repeated itself over the last week several times at the supermarket, in front of the chip section, even thinking I don't have any need to buy fish and chips because it is freezing outside - I can go home and make a healthy dinner.

Pauline, Sydney


02 8521 7374

1B Bulls Road
NSW 2230

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