Empowered Eating

Do you feel confused and overwhelmed by all the conflicting information on nutrition that comes at you every day?

You’re not alone!

Recently, I received an email from a young woman who has been struggling with her weight for as long as she can remember. I could feel her pain as I read what she wrote:

“I have tried every diet under the sun with no success: low carb, high carb, low fat, high fat, low sugar, high sugar, low protein, high protein.

I feel like I don’t know what’s best for my body.”

In my 20 years in clinical practice, I’ve sat down with many people like this young woman to hear their stories, and I’ve been both saddened and angered by their tales of frustration, confusion, disappointment, desperation and self-blame.

As diverse as these stories are, they follow a common theme: the person went looking for help with their weight or health problem, found a popular book, nutrition blog or social media channel written or run by a self-appointed ‘nutrition expert’, followed their advice to the letter… and ended up sicker, fatter and more messed-up about food than when they started!

At this point, some blamed themselves, assuming that it was their fault that the ‘expert’s’ advice hadn’t worked for them (after all, according to the testimonials, it works for everyone else) and redoubled their efforts to ‘get it right’.

Others sought out another ‘expert’ to follow (often with opposite advice to the first one), and threw themselves headlong into the new guru’s program.

But the outcome was always the same – yet another failure, which took a toll on their self-esteem and sense of personal power that snowballed every time they went through the cycle of hope-commitment-failure-disillusionment.

Most of these people have reported that food and eating had become a source of stress and anxiety and suffering for them, instead of simple enjoyment , and some even ended up with eating disorders because their guru had advocated such extreme restriction of important food groups.

This whole situation has been troubling me for some time, but after reading this latest email, I thought,

Enough is enough!

All this craziness about nutrition, food and health has to stop.

What popped into my head at that moment was one of the most darkly comic scenes from Monty Python’s classic satirical film, Life Of Brian, in which Brian - an average young Jewish man living in Roman-occupied Jerusalem in 33 AD (about tea time, as the opening subtitle advises viewers) who, through a serious of absurd events, has unwillingly attracted a band of disciples who hail him as the Messiah - exhorts his followers to stop following him. Here's the scene:

You see, most of what goes horribly wrong when the average person gets interested in the world of food, nutrition and health is that they start following gurus. But unlike the hapless Brian, these gurus want to be followed.

They want you to believe everything they say – no matter how crackpot it is – without question, so that you will buy their book, like and share their post on Facebook, sign up for their 6 month training program that ‘only’ costs $4997 and so on.

After 24 years of being immersed in the science of nutrition and health, this stuff makes me crazy! And so I’m on a mission to empower as many people as I can to find their way through the maze of nutrition misinformation.

Mark Twain once quipped,

and that is more the case than ever before, thanks to the Internet, which is both a blessing – I love being able to access full-text research articles from Pubmed at 10 pm, in my jammies – and a curse – any unqualified idiot can start a nutrition blog, and plenty of unqualified idiots do exactly that.

The thing I hear most often from my clients when they bring an article or book to me and ask for my assessment of it, and I tell them it's an unscientific crock of you-know-what and they needn't even bother reading it, is

"How am I supposed to tell what’s true and what’s false? I don’t have a degree in nutrition, or biochemistry, or training in any kind of science!"

I really get it!

  • If you google any health or nutrition topic, you’ll likely get hundreds of thousands of hits. But how are you supposed to distinguish the trustworthy from the untrustworthy sources? Google’s algorithms are a closely-guarded secret, and the average person has no idea why the sites that come up on the first page of Google are there and not on the 6724th page.
  • If you express any interest in nutrition and health, your friends, colleagues and family members are likely to swamp you with articles they found on the web, or recommend books that claim to have the answer to all your problems. But how are you supposed to tell whether they’re brilliant breakthroughs, or scurrilous scams?

If only...

  • ... you knew how to evaluate all that information for yourself, you could take back control over your own health.
  • ... you just had the right tools to quickly and easily sort the nutritional wheat from the chaff, you would no longer be at the mercy of either the money-grubbing hucksters, or the well-meaning but ill-informed self-appointed ‘experts’.

That’s exactly what my one-day nutrition intensive, Empowered Eating, will do for you. I want to put tools in your hands that will allow you to distinguish reliable sources of information from quackery, pseudoscience and industry-sponsored marketing hype.

And I want to get you thinking about nutrition and health in a whole new way, so that you’ll be BS-proof now and into the future, because of one thing you can be sure: there will always be new fads in the world of nutrition… and plenty of recycled versions of ‘The Next Big Thing’ from 20 years ago, that everyone’s forgotten about.

One of the most important tools I'll be sharing with you in Empowered Eating is my 5-Step Checklist for assessing the reliability of the information you find on nutrition websites and in books – or even whether you should bother looking at them in the first place.

My top tip is...


If the article or book doesn’t even have a references section – which you’ll generally find in the back of the book, or sometimes at the end of each chapter, or in the case of a website, you might find a references section at the end of the article, or hyperlinked within the text – then just put that book back on the library shelf, or close the browser tab and find something that does have references.

Now, if it does have references, you need to check them!!! I can’t tell you how many times I have looked up a reference cited in a popular book, or hyperlinked in a blog article, and found that it either doesn’t support the point the article or book’s author was trying to make (in fact, sometimes it says the opposite!) or it simply has nothing to do with that point.

This is a common ploy of self-appointed nutrition experts, who like to quote sciencey-sounding stuff to make you think they actually know what they're talking about.

The purpose behind my 1-day nutrition intensive Empowered Eating is to equip you with the tools you need to see through B.S. like this, and to put you back in the driver’s seat when it comes to making decisions about how to eat for health.

No more following dodgy web gurus or celebrity-chefs-turned-self-published-authors – remember what Brian said?

"You don’t need to follow anybody! You’ve got to think for yourselves!"

... and that’s exactly what I’ll equip you to do.

The first time I heard Robyn speak, at Kathy Divine’s Forever 21 book launch, I was certain I’d be very underwhelmed – I’ve heard several so-called naturopaths talk, and felt strongly that I knew more about nutrition than they did, and they were just parroting what was trendy.

So hearing Robyn really impressed me, and for the first time ever I learnt something I didn’t know before.  And that continued each time I heard her speak.

So I eventually got around to attending her Empowered Eating seminar.  Wow! The amount of information we learnt was amazing. The course is just packed with information, presented in a logical, intelligent way, and all based on the science of nutrition.

Several of the mysteries, where I haven’t known what to believe, were cleared up for me.

Added to that, we had a cookery demonstration and a delicious and healthy lunch.

I would recommend this course to anyone interested in their health, who wants the mysteries of nutrition made clear to them.

- Glenys

If you are curious about the 'why' of plant-based eating, Robyn's seminar is a must!

Her knowledge is expansive and her delivery easy to digest.

- Christine

Oh, did I mention a healthy, delicious lunch is included... and you'll learn how to make it too, right in my kitchen?

Robyn is a great lecturer who presents material in an informative and entertaining way

I enjoyed the mixture of information and cooking demo. Thanks for the great lunch!

- Lyn

Many people would love to improve their eating habits, but they just don't know what to do to make wholesome staples such as vegetables, whole grains and legumes taste delicious, without slathering them with salt, oil and cheese!

I've been running wholefood cooking classes for years, and I LOVE teaching people the 'insider tips' on how to prepare healthy meals that taste amazing...

  • without spending a fortune on obscure ingredients; and
  • without spending hours in the kitchen every day!

It's so exciting to watch my clients and students reap the rewards of mastering healthy cooking: vibrant health now and protection against chronic degenerative diseases in the future!

For many, such as my client Caroline who took one of my cooking classes after her teenage son was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, there is a 'ripple effect' that spreads to other family members as well:

Caroline was so inspired by the nutrition tips given with each recipe, that now when she goes grocery shopping, she recites in her mind what she learned about each fruit, vegetable, legume, grain, nut and seed as she puts it into her trolley - her way of reminding herself WHY she now shops and cooks in a whole new way.

The response from her family has been overwhelmingly positive - her husband, son and daughter took to the new recipes with gusto. As she wrote,

“I am not a great cook, but these recipes have shown me simple and easy steps to be able to stick permanently to a healthy diet plan for myself and my family.”

And on top of all that, you'll also receive complimentary access to the Empowered Eating Virtual course, including:

  • Access to a secure members-only website - all your course content in one easy-to-navigate place!
  • Video presentations of the 3 modules of the Empowered Eating 'live' course - watch and learn at your own pace.
  • Audio recordings of the 3 modules of the Empowered Eating 'live' course - listen on-screen or download to your mp3 player. Over 5 hours of information-packed content, including live audience Q&A, with absolutely no 'fluff'!
  • Fully referenced handouts for each module. For the real 'nutrition nerds' out there, these handouts are hyperlinked for easy follow-up of the studies I refer to in the seminar.
  • Cooking videos demonstrating the 8 'core' recipes served at Empowered Eating 'live'. Discover how to cook healthy oil-free food!
  • Recipes for the 8 'core' recipes served at Empowered Eating 'live'. Learn how to turn nutrient-dense foods into delicious meals, quickly and simply.
  • Additional resources to enhance your nutrition knowledge and cooking skills.

Register NOW for Empowered Eating!

The first four Empowered Eating seminars booked out, so don't delay.

Places are strictly limited to 15, to give maximum opportunity for learning and discussion.

Robyn's depth of knowledge and passion for true health is nothing short of amazing. Robyn is the go-to health adviser when you are keen to treat the cause of sub-optimal health and not just mask the symptoms.

The fact that Robyn translates her advice into the most divine and tasty food is not only a bonus but the secret to the success of her programs. Without hesitation I recommend Robyn (and I do!).

- Renee




Saturday 21 January 2017

Registration: 9.30 am

Seminar 10 am - 4.30 pm


1B Bulls Rd, Burraneer

(corner Woolooware Rd)

Free unlimited parking available on both Bulls Rd and Woolooware Rd

Just $189

Includes a delicious lunch, morning and afternoon refreshments; and lifelong online access to seminar recording and referenced notes, which will be available after the event.

Thank you for a well presented program Robyn. I was blown away by your knowledge.

Now I have the confidence to change my eating program.

Thanks for an enlightening day.

- Narelle

Register now - places are limited!


02 8521 7374

1B Bulls Road
NSW 2230

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